Kabira Grandmothers, OVC Project: Grannies sensitised on child protection, children’s groups formed

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On 26 May,2019 Kitovu Mobile formed Orphans and vulnerable children’s groups in  Kabira sub county,Kyotera District,where it recently enrolled the  Grandmothers and OVC support project.

Three groups categorized in terms of age; 6-9,10-13 and 14-17 were   formed in both Bwamijja and Ndolo, the two parishes in Kabira su-county where the project is currently enrolled.

The event was held in Bakka village and Kachanga trading center in Bwamijja and Ndolo parishes, respectively.

Totaling to six,the groups now  await  strengthening. This is done through equipping  group members with sustainable skills,which skills are trained according to the phase (1,2 and 3)  and age group,until the project phases out after a three year span.

Prior to groups formation was a child protection sensitization at both Bwamijja and Kachange a session to bid for reduction of violence against children which  is one of the project objectives.

Here, different officials including but not limited to Kitovu Mobile Child Protection Focal Person, Ms Stella Nabunya and Mr Edward Kyabagu,the Kabira Sub county Community Development Officer and the Officer in charge of Kachange police post.

Unanimously,these linkage facilitators/government representatives, emphasized the basic children’s rights like education, food, Medicare, shelter, clothes, enjoying a violence free life, among others; imploring grannies and the entire community upon upholding them.

Ms Nabunya encouraged communities members/grannies to report cases of violence against children and file suit at the Police to apprehend offenders.

“Many times your rights are abused,but cases go unreported to police letting the offenders walk away with it. Please children,now that you have been sensitises about your rights,start reporting such cases,” Ms Nabunya said