Don’t relax, fight against HIV/AIDS is still on,Kitovu Mobile Board Member urges Rakai District natives

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Mr Bagarukayo talking to the AGYW

Mr Bagarukayo talking to the AGYW at Rakai Town Council Modal safe space in Rakai District.

By Moses Muwulya,Communications Officer

Mr Alex Bagararukayo, a  member on Kitovu Mobile Board of Directors has urged communities in Rakai District to raise their guard and fight against HIV/AIDS,saying many have relaxed after realising a sigh of relief.

Rakai was once known for its high AIDS-related deaths that struck fear across the country but recent reports indicate a remarkable drop in the prevalence rate,which according to Bagarukayo is breeding  laxity.

“The battle is still on because HIV/AIDS has no cure yet and thus you need to keep your guard raised and protect yourselves against HIV is still rampant as more girls getting infected at an  alarming rate,” Mr Bagarukayo stressed.

Some of the AGYW learning how to make Counter Books

Some of the AGYW learning how to make Counter Books

He was speaking to the adolescent girls and young women who get vocational skills at Rakai Town council modal safe space,where he had paid a visit to monitor the progress of Kitovu Mobile outreach activities,particularly the DREAMS project.

DREAMS is an initiative used by Kitovu Mobile  to implement high-quality combination prevention to AGYW aged 15-24 years to address the structural drivers that directly or indirectly increase girls’ HIV risk, including poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence, and lack of education with the goal of reducing HIV incidence in females ages 15 to 24

He said it is a dismay to hear that the youth are now referring HIV/AIDS as weak ailment which is equated to Malaria.

But he strongly  strongly discourages urging  community gatekeepers (teachers, parents, religious leaders, politicians and business leaders) to continue talking about  about HIV and AIDS as still being a threat.


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