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After the death of my father, life turned from a bed of roses to a bed of misery.

Then in Primary Four, I vividly recall the face of the then little Gertrude. A face that was painted with pain after getting a new a name, ORPHAN.

Losing someone who knew me; from my dislikes to what I always fancied,a father  with whom we could crack jocks, a jovial dad who could motivate to work hard as he vows to support me.

He really left a wounded me.The sad development clothed me with misery, doubts if I could even study.

And indeed after Primary Seven, a level which was also reached after a struggle between my mother and caring teachers,I would have not gone beyond this.

My mother could not struggle anymore and I had had to stop there. I sat for a full year with hardly an alternative.

But in 2014, I met a healer, soother, call it any name that suits someone who get you out of depression and puts a array of hope, love and makes   you realize that life can still be meaningful even when a dad is way.

This healer is none apart from Kitovu Mobile.Through Ms Sharonie Nambasa, the OVC supervisor for Kitovu Mobile.

Nambasa has since made me realize that God created people purposely to care for his wounded children like me.

Nervous to tell, I had a feeling that Kitovu Mobile is largely dealing with HIV/AID people. This made me think and worry that people may associate me as a victim of HIV

Professionally, Nambasa built my emotions, dislodged my illusions about the Organization, and here I am enjoying a new family relative, Kitovu Mobile.

It is changing the story of my life. It has done a lot for me. Sponsored my education. It is introducing me to different people.

It makes me feel loved and cherished. Indeed, as it slogan goes, “We care” it has really cared.

But the God who envisioned the founders of Kitovu Mobile has to be glorified, and further gloried for touching on the heart of the Stephen Lewis Foundation who reacted in affirmative to Kitovu Mobile proposals, funding them up to now.

Now in Senior Four, I have learnt that giving is a blessing. I vow to do the same, extending the love to Gertrude out there.

For sure I don’t have the right words to use, but may the Loving God reward you abundantly.

Lucky are those who are cared by Kitovu Mobile

Gertrude Lunkuse,Senior Four, Archbishop Kiwanuka Secondary School,Masaka.