Kitovu mobile farm school ex,current trainees exchange ideas on climate change,horticulture and networking 

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Ex trainee

Ex trainees and current ones. PHOTOS BY MOSES MUWULYA.


It was yet another huge learning experience on Thursday 12 September as 50 mobile farm school trainees, both former and current, met and exchanged modern farming practices.
Ideas were exchanged on mitigation of climate change effects,networking and linkage and marketing. Further, emphasis was also put on horticultural crops as a way  mitigating  weather changes besides fetching much profits
The former trainees who showed up graduated a decade ago and are now prominent farmers with improved livelihood. They vividly testified that the Mobile Farm school,a Youth Empowerment Program for Kitovu Mobile, has  really changed their lives,urging the young sisters and brothers to push on.
Graduated in 2006

Ex trainee who Graduated in 2006 shares experience with the trainees.

After sharing knowledge and experience,between the trainees,experienced facilitators expounded more on the above topics-Climate Change,networking and agribusiness.Among them was a  prominent farmer and agricultural officer from Masaka Diocesan Development Organisation (MADDO)

Before going any further, Frank Ssekalega,encouraged the trainees  to  take session as  golden opportunity,saying: ” You  have got the chance to know modern farming practices when  you  are still young,a chance that we hardly had”
He said for them,they had no idea about such much needed skills as they grew up despite having studied agriculture up to University

Sekalega speaks to the trainees.

“Don’t be derailed by lazy youth who say there  is a short cut to get money, which to them, is sports  betting. They will tell you farming comes with   a lot risks besides consuming time. Risks can be mitigated through the skills we are giving you” Mr Ssekalega strongly noted.
He also encouraged them to have a positive attitude towards development,stressing that they should not think  that they are too young to start thinking about development.
Attentive: Trainees keenly listening to the facilitator

Attentive: Trainees keenly listening to the facilitator

He requested trainees not to be negatively  biased on farming, it can give you money if the attitude is there. “Don’t be derailed by lazy youths. Ask for knowledge from others,don’t things before consultation as this will lead you in losses”

Modern Farming practice tips shared
Focus/specialise on the many farming options so as to
Do intensive farming to gain more but on a small space because land is getting limited
Plant  high breed species both animals and crops.
What the trainees say

Kyazike Anet Kyazike,from Butenga Farm School: “I am going to stop being lazy,get goal and chase it”


Moses Kato, ex trainee (2008 Kitanda Sub county Farm School) : “It has been great sharing new experiences because learning never stops.