Kitovu Mobile’s Palliative care services reliving Lubega of prostate cancer pain,redeems hope

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Kitovu Mobile’s Palliative care services reliving Lubega of prostate cancer pain,redeems lost hope

Happy: Mr Lubega and his  welcome Ms Namulondo who is on a home visit to check on him. ALL PHOTOS BY MOSES MUWULYA

By Moses Muwulya,Communications Officer

With a smile,Paul Lubega welcomes  Jacky Namulondo,the Kitovu Mobile Palliative Care Nurse, to his home in Kyanjovu,Buwunga Sub-county,Masaka District. Namulondo is on a home visit to Lubega,a palliative care client.She is following up on how  the 65-year-old,who battles HIV and advanced prostate cancer is fairing.

Before he even greets her,Lubega first expresses his sincere appreciation  to  Kitovu Mobile  for  reliving him of the intense cancer pain that had taken toll on him before he was linked to Kitovu Mobile for palliative care services in 2017.

“I just can’t thank you enough! The morphine and the emotional support you give me through counselling has suppressed the physical and emotional pain that had taken toll on me,” Lubega notes as he points at the several oral morphine bottles placed on a small table adjacent to his bed.

Oral morphine is a drug that relives terminally ill patients of pain. His wife,Nasamula quickly attests to what her husband notes,saying : “Imagine he had developed bed sores and could not support himself. The pain was so intense! But all is no more. Indeed,we can not thank you enough,Kitovu Mobile”

Nasamula,Lubega’s wife and care taker.Nasamula,who was also roofed with emotional pain which doesn’t spare care takers when they see their loved ones in pain, says  this development has given her relief from such pain. It further gives her  room to  engage in household chores like farming because in the past,she always feared living him alone in the house,with no one to comfort him.

“But I can now go for some hours and attend other things and find him busy reading his Bible,which he had hate,protesting over his Creator’s failure to take him and instead let him sink in pain” Nasamula happily shares as his spouse laughs at himself  probably wondering why he had completely lost hope,yet God was soon answering my prayers through Kitovu Mobile “I always  wished to die than living in pain. But with this steady improvement,I have changed minds and hope live more”


Home visits:  Another relief.
Lubega,who is about 30 kilometers from Kitovu Mobile Medical Center,says  home visits program is  really good for him “because they find me at home,do counselling and avail me with drugs”
 He wonders how he would  have managed to cater for his  transport costs to travel  hence and forth; going for refills and medical check up.
Besides,he says since he cant   sit on a motorcycle and this would have necessitated him to hire special taxi which is far expensive for him.
More relief
Kitovu Mobile  gave him a wheel chair to let him get out and have fresh air.
Further to this,Nasamula says they get more support like  gloves and other essentials in dealing with such patients,which has  greatly relived them financially.“We don’t know how much we would be spending without gloves and buying a wheel chair”
How it started:
In 2013, Lubegas says he developed mild joint pains and a cough. After two years, the two conditions got worse.
He went to different hospitals for both public and private but nothing was diagnosed.
In 2016, He got weaker and was bedridden. “I could not move and shifted his bed to the dining room”
Amidst this was great pain. This was when he was linked to Kitovu Mobile through one of community health centres who knew about the services of Kitovu Mobile which gave him morphine.

Capturing a testimony: Palliative Care Association of Uganda,an NGO advocating for Palliative Care services captures Lubega’s testimony in a film that commemorates their 20 years of Palliative Care Advocacy in Uganda.