Pictorial: Water tanks built to help Mobile Farm School Trainees mitigate dry spells.

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Kitovu Mobile has built eight water tanks in Kalungu and Butenga Sub Counties,in Kalungu and Bukomansimbi Districts,respectively to help Mobile Young Farmers Groups and Community Support Groups harvest water and brave dry spells, irrigating  their nursery beds for the different crop seedlings. These include passion fruits,egg plants,coffee,among others.


Fulugencio Sekitoleko,a member of ‘Labira Kuffe’ Mobile Young Farmers Group in Gayaza Village,Butenga Sub-county draws water from the tank as fellow group members look on.


Joseph Ntambi , member of Twekembe Mobile Young Farmers Group draws water from the tank as Community support group members look on


Yakobo Bisaka,a member of Nazikokolima Mobile Young Farmers Group in Kyankoole village Butenga Sub-county checks on the water tank.



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