Sheer Joy,jubilation as 115 Kitovu Mobile Farm School Trainees graduate

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Sheer Joy, jubilation as 115 Kitovu Mobile Farm School Trainees graduate

Some of the trainees in jubilation with their guardians.

By Moses Muwulya,Communication Officer

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending” A saying by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,a famous United States Poet,the quote made vivid meaning today,Thursday  as Kitovu Mobile graduated 115 Mobile Farm School trainees in Kibinge Sub-county,Bukomansimbi District.

Yes,it was great in 2017 when Kitovu Mobile Farm School Project started a mobile farm school in  this neighborhood, recruiting vulnerable youths who had dropped out formal education over vulnerability,but it has been  greater as these trainees graduate, a climax of their three years of training in Modern Sustainable Integrated Organic Farming skills, business mentorship,and social counselling.
Clad in their gowns, the jovial graduates entered their tent to take their seats. With equal joy, their guardians,who sat opposite facing them directly,waved at them as they took their seats.

Some of the Excited trainees head to their tent as their guardians look on.

The day got hyped when the guest of honor, when Uganda’s Youth  Minister,Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi arrived.

Youth  and Children affairs Minister ushered in by the sub county chairperson and Kitovu Mobile’s internal auditor.

With the arrival of the guest of honor,who kept time,the event went on with a brief presentation and later visited the exhibition sessions.

Sack gardening exhibition. Trainees have been taught to do farming in a very small space. This is done through sack gardening and backyard farming which is exhibited.

Minsiter mesmerised by Packed Honey,a product of the trainees who add value to their procuce toget more returns which one of the modern farming practises they have learnt.

Minister mesmerized by Packed Honey,a product of the trainees who add value to their produce to get more returns which one of the modern farming practices they have learnt.

The event went on with the awarding of certificates to the trainees and later later recognize two exceptional trainees who braved all difficulties and completer the training. This session left the graduates’ guardians  speechless with only tears of joy as they  could not believe seeing her their children, who had dropped out of school over vulnerability and left to rioter on villages,graduating as responsible farmer who is now passing on skills to the rest.

A guardian cries tears of joy

Kitovu Mobile hailed:

While giving her speech,the minister,whose message was dominated by motherly  advise to the trainees,hailed Kitovu Mobile for skilling the youth, which she said reduces on the high unemployment rate among the youth,which is a major challenge in her ministry.

“My ministry has got over 15 million youth who are educated but not employed and this worries the nation,but when Kitovu Mobile comes up with such initiatives of availing sustainable skills to the youth we get relived” The Minister happily noted.

She added: My role as a leader and other leaders is to deal with the challenges that may derail these ones,like markets for their produce”

Youtha and Children affairs minister addressing the gathering

To walk the talk,the minister requested for 10 trainees  and link them to big buyers in Kampala and later make an impact assessment to see how far they will have gone.

Mr Sowedi Sserwada,the Kibinge Sub county chairperson,praised Kitovu Mobile for being exceptional among non government organisations,in the sense that it selects the very poor children/families which deserve support.

According to Sserwada many organistions tend to give support to some who are already able and leave out the vulnerable  and hailed.

Sserwadda (Left) hailed Kitovu Mobile for selecting the very poor youths who deserved support saying many do Organisations chose those who are already well off.