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Kitovu Mobile and Palliative Care association of Uganda have organised a fundraising dinner on 06 December, 2019 at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel,Rubaga-Kampala.

The purpose for the dinner is to raise funds for a Mobile Outreach Truck that will enable Kitovu Mobile scale up cancer awareness to improve on early cancer detection and reduce on preventable cancer related deaths in South Buganda Region.

Ugx 250 Million is needed to procure this Truck which amount is expected to be sourced from a series of fundraising dinners, this being the first one.

The dinner tickets go for the following differing rates: Shs 100,000 and Shs 120,000 for Members and none members for PCAU respectively. A table goes for 1m and 2m for PCAU Member Organisations and Corporate Organisations, respectively



Justification to  Increase Early Cancer Detection to Reduce Cancer Related Deaths in South Buganda.

According to World health organization, in 2018, there were 14,569 new cancer cases among men and 18,068 new cases among women in Uganda.  80% of patients reporting to UCI were with advanced cancer at diagnosis and this limited interventions to prolong their survival. In such cases, after treatment, most of these patients are sent back to rural communities to die without support plan.

This is where community development and medical organizations like Kitovu Mobile are faced with heavy burden of care to relive patients of both physical and emotional pain through Palliative Care Services. Kitovu Mobile took on the palliative care initiative in August 2000, and is to date the referral Service Provider in Greater Masaka.

However, the number client in need of palliative care, especially advanced cancer patients in Greater Masaka Region, is infamously rising.

Since 2014, over 1732 patients have been referred to Kitovu Mobile for palliative Care of which 685 died within the year of referral. This is an annual average of 40% death rate for patients referred to Kitovu Mobile for the last 6 years. This is unacceptable because while Cancer is a long-term and complex disease, it can be prevented and controlled if detected early.

Despite efforts of different stakeholders, early cancer detection is still a very big challenge with studies in Greater Masaka indicating that, for instance, only 7% of the sampled woman have ever screened for cervical cancer; the leading cancer in Uganda.

Based on current experience and studies, it is clear that the most important efforts against the cancer burden are those that focus in health education to increase risk perception of cancer screening and improve attitudes towards screening while addressing the fears held by ordinary people. This is where Kitovu Mobiles invaluable experience of mobile awareness campaigning on HIV since mid-80s urgently needs to be replicated. As with HIV of 1980s, Cancer remains a medical condition that is covered by mystery and superstition.

With a focus on early screening for the 5 highest risk cancer in Uganda, Kitovu Mobile has planned to accelerate action on Cancer in Greater Masaka. Our focus will be on Cervical, Prostate and Breast cancer, Kaposi Sarcoma and cancer of the Esophagus. These cancers have the fastest rate of occurrence of new cases (WHO 2018).

To properly rollout this campaign, Kitovu Mobile needs a Mobile Outreach Truck that will traverse the remotest communities in the Greater Masaka Region, sensitizing, screening as well as extending palliative care to those in need.










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