Trained, retained:Teenage mother, Kansiime ably supports spouse which ended domestic violence

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Trained, retained:Teenage mother, Kansiime n ably supports spouse which ended domestic violence

Officer at work. Kansiime entering data at Rakai Modal safe space. All photos by Moses Muwulya

By Moses Muwulya,Communications Officer

Now a data entrant at Rakai Town Council safe space, Allen Kansiime is no longer a statistic to the sour youth unemployment figures.

She had been so for three years which experience was never easy.

The mother of two says she entirely depended on her spouse, requesting for everything from him.

This, she says, fatigued her spouse, and would sometimes mount to domestic violence” Every man would love a spouse who contributes to the daily bread”

Bit while she wanted to be such a spouse, she had no route to lead her to her wishes.But beyond crossroads, there is always a testimony. After joining the DREAMS Project in 2018, Kansiime has a testimony.

Kansiime, who was enrolled in the category of “Given-Birth”,was skilled in hairdressing and now awaits graduation.While she was still excited of graduating and get a start-up kit to start own business, another opportunity knocked. She was recruited as data entrant at the very safe space after inducting her on the new role.

This development, which super excited her, has since changed her livelihood, love life and family as she is now ably support spouse.”From my salary, I have joined funds with him and get ourselves a motorcycle used for bodaboda business,”She saves with Twekembe SILC group which has also seen her savings culture grow.

It’s from these savings that she plans to start up a hairdressing saloon and diversify her income.

Iron sharpens iron: Kansiime who supported her spouse to get a bodaboda, says her spouse is ready to support her start up her saloon.

Benefits from Reproductive health interventions

Looking at Kansiime’s two children, one might think they are twins because they were poorly spaced.She says this was so because of the myths lodged on family planning. But through stepping stones, she got to know the beauty of spacing children and embraced family planning.

“Had it not been the case, I would have produced another child, but I haven’t, which allows look after my two children,” Kansiime shares her conviction.

This is all attributed to the DREAMS project.”My sincere appreciation goes to the entire Team for this overall transformation. I can’t thank you enough”