Kitovu Mobile ART/TB care and Treatment sees Lwanga walk again after Bone tuberculosis had made him Immobile

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Kitovu Mobile ART/TB care and Treatment sees Lwanga walk again after Bone tuberculosis had made him Immobile


Lwanga(left) speaks to the palliative care nurses who had visited him at his mother’s home in Kabonera.


Without walking sticks,Seid Lwanga enjoys a morning walk  around his parents’ home compound in Kaseeta,Kimanya-Kyabakuza Division,Masaka City .  The scene gladdens our palliative care nurse, Jacky, who  had paid him a home visit.  Jacky, who had come to check on how Lwanga fairs with  bone tuberculosis , as well as giving him refills for oral morhine,drugs that reduce on pain, was surprised seeing Lwanga walking without sticks.   “God is great,Seid can now walk without sticks!”


Lwanga recives drugs for his medical condition.

She recalls, how the  thirty-two-year-old was brought at the facility- carried in hands like a baby. He could not walk after tuberculosis had caused him disability .

Tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body like the bones, sometimes leading to disability.


social support

Social support:  Lwanga gets social support package,includiong sugar,rice,maize flour courtesy of Kitovu Mobile. Social support to palliative care clients is part of the offer. It aims at having clients have good diet as they take their drugs.

Lwanga  was  in June last year, was brought at Kitovu Mobile Health Canter where he had been referred to by our expert (HIV) client in  after moving to several hospitals for two years, over a strange disease that had put him down;but he could not get a complete diagnosis. “I was brought at the facility carried in hands like a baby” He recalls

He was put on TB treatment and given walking sticks to support him. But he has since realised great improvement after a year of treatment.

Lwanga,who earned a living from farming, “I can now walk around the compound without sticks. I have gained weight  and emotionally good, “,Lwanga,who earned a living from farming,shares,thanking the palliative care team .

Kitovu Mobile appreciates the generosity  of  Segal Family Foundation(https://www.segalfamilyfoundation.org/) for its support towards this program.