Kitovu Mobile hands over grandmothers and OVC support project to local government  after three years of empowerment

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Kitovu Mobile hands over grandmothers and OVC support project to local government  after three years of empowerment


Mr Kintu,Kyotera District boss (left) and Justus Rugambwa,Kitovu  Mobile CEO award certificate of appreciation to Nassimba Amina,an advocate and solidarity group leader.

By Moses Muwulya,Communications Officer

Kitovu Mobile has today handed over the grandmothers and OVC support project to the local  government authorities of Kirumba Sub county. Kirumba is in Uganda’s Central District,Kyotera.

Unlike in the past, when such project handover events went on with a bee hive of activities like having with mass, exhibition of different items made by grannies among other events, this was done in a rather silent event  to observe the infamous Covid-19 preventive guidelines issued by the government.

Local government leaders,including the Community Development Officer,sub county chief and chairperson pose for a photo with Kitovu  Mobile Grandmothers project staff.

Very few grandmothers, stakeholders were able to gather at Kirumba sub county headquarters to witness the handover ceremony of project which had 380 grannies empowered to have resilience to brave the impact of HIV/AIDS.


Mr Kintu,guest of honor speaks to grannies

The four speakers from the local government hailed Kitovu Mobile for the initiative, saying the organization has continued to uplift the livelihood and health of grannies,not only in Kirumba but in Kyotera District at large.

“This mandate belongs to the government.  Organisations like Kitovu Mobile are just helping us, which is a very commendable job,” Mr Kintu Kisekulo,the chairman Kyotera District said.

Kintu, who was the guest of honor, urged the grannies to jealously guard the achievement realized from the project for the three years they have got empowered. I know you got pigs and breeding centers. Keep them well. These do not belong to Kitovu Mobile, they belong to you”

He requested Kitovu Mobile to keep in touch with the grannies, supervising them in a while so as to keep them on the right truck.

Speaking to the grannies, Justus Rugambwa, Kitovu Mobile CEO, encouraged grannies to remain physically active to keep age-related and non communicable diseases away.


Justus Rugambwa,Kitovu Mobile CEO, giving his remarks


Grannies with their appreciation certificates pose for a group photo with Kitovu Mobile grand mothers project staff

The project, which started with selecting the most vulnerable grandmothers in the sub county, ran  for three solid years (2017-220) which different activities  done in phases(years)  where year/phase one  involved counseling, and giving support to the grandmothers in form of mattresses and bed sheets.

Year Two, beneficiaries were  engaged in saving groups to start activities which can see them earn a living by doing craft work using the locally available resources.

During Year Three, the project implementers focused on monitoring its progress and after they were convinced that the beneficiaries are fully empowered, the projects was handed over to the government to carry it on and enable them move to another sub county.

Light moment,a granny shares with project fieled officer

Kitovu Mobile is now moving the project in  Lwankoni sub county, still in Kyotera District, and  offer  similar services  to grandmothers in the area.

Kitovu Mobile is forever grateful for the generosity from the Stephen Lewis Foundation for supporting this great cause of building resilience of grandmothers and grandchildren under their care.