Kitovu Mobile palliative care visit gives Kakooza a sigh of relief

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Kakooza seated inside his house where Kitovu Mobile palliative care nurses found him

By Moses Muwulya, Communications Officer
Emmanuel Kakooza is a peripheral artery patient. This type of  disease increases the risk of developing a non-healing sore of the leg or feet. When these sores  became severe, the affected part  develops into a dead tissue.

For Kakooza, the sore is on his feet. He explains that it got severe that he developed dead tissue, forcing him to cut them off. This sad development has kept the fifty-four-year-old in his temporally- mud-house as he sinks in a sheer state of hopelessness and helplessness

Kitovu Mobile palliative care nurse attending to Kakooza, giving him drugs and talking therapy to give him hope

However, a visit by Kitovu Mobile palliative care team gave him a sigh of relief. A visit he hardly expected, Kakooza says he go to know that he is loved and most importantly, God still listens to his prayers. 

“I have been wishing and praying to visit a big hospital for medication” But look! The hospital has found me in my house, and without paying a single coin, you have given me drugs and medical supplies like gloves and gauze.” a visibly excited Kakooza shares.

Kakoooza shares with the nurse

He says the drugs he got which include those relieving of pain and keeping the wound dry such that it doesn’t attract flies. The meaning of this beyond having a dry sore but also saving him from buying sprays to get rid of flies.  The rolls of gauze was also great relief for he had been paying heavily on them as he needs to keep the wound covered.   

Call to action!
Kitovu Mobile wishes to appreciate it partners for supporting palliative care patients but calls all potential generous partners to support it reach out to the ever growing number of people in need of palliative care.