Kitovu Mobile aims to create an empowered community with the ability to cope with HIV/AIDS and its impact. To improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV and AIDS, Kitovu Mobile works with communities in the areas of prevention, care support, and capacity building.

Kitovu started in 1987 in response to the overwhelming impact of HIV/AIDS in Masaka district. Initially, the primary purpose of Kitovu Mobile was to care for people with HIV and AIDS and conduct preventative education. Today its operations have expanded to include the communities affected by the disease not only the patients themselves.

Today Kitovu cares for over 4,000 people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as training 2,000 disadvantaged youth in modern sustainable agriculture to ensure they have a source of income. Uganda is such a rich and fertile land that farming is extremely difficult to manage, Kitovu works with the farmers from disadvantaged communities, who do not have the knowledge to farm effectively, to help them turn their land into a sustainable source of income. This helps the communities live with AIDS and support themselves.

What will happen with your money!

Winston Churchill described Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa” and so it should be the breadbasket of Africa when it comes to farming and produce. But, due to poor governance and a lack of understanding by many landowners, the full potential of Uganda’s fertile land is not being utilised. This leaves thousands of people in poverty that could be earning sustainable incomes.

This falls directly in line with Kitovu’s mission as many of the rural communities, who have been heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS could still be sustaining themselves through proper farming.

The 2015 fundraising supported Kitovu Mobile’s work to combat this issue with runners in 2015 building a new dairy cow structure in a demonstration farm, to be used to train rural farmers. They also kick-started a “pass on a cow” initiative, where we donated a cow to a farm with the intention of the first calf being passed on and donated to another community.

But with over 800+ beneficiaries the work is far from complete. We want to replicate this project across other communities to grow it across the Masaka region. Your fundraising will, therefore, be supporting Kitovu Mobile to continue to reach rural farmers and their communities by helping to fund a second dairy cow structure and the dairy cow.

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