Beliefs and Values


Kitovu Mobile living its values

Transparency and Accountability: KM upholds inclusive and transparent management, implementation and accounting systems. Ensure stewardship of resources entrusted to her in an ethical, transparent and objective manner.

Empowerment: KM encourages staff, board and volunteers to fulfill their potential within their work. It endeavors to play a facilitation role in the development process of the communities we interact with.

Caring: KM treats those they serve and each other with kindness and compassion. It offers timely service delivery in a polite and respectful manner. We care about the aspirations of the supporters of our work.

Team work: In working with patients, families and communities KM shares resources, knowledge and information at her disposal as a team.

Faith/Devotion: KM commits its work to God through daily prayers and practices her faith in all that it does, and support others in theirs, regardless of denomination.

Gender Equity and Equality: KM demonstrates and advocates for gender equal opportunities for men and women, girls and boys in the organization and the communities in which we work.