Three DREAMS project trainees team up to change lives

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The trio in their saloon

The trio in their saloon

“Two heads are better than one,” goes this old adage; but what about three?

To Evas Natukunda, Jenipher Twikiize and Annet Nakiwewa,the trio would say “three heads are far better than two”.

The ex- DREAMS project trainees who pooled resources together to have one hair dressing saloon, say the idea has worked for them.

Usually, after graduation, DREAMS beneficiaries are given start up kits. This depends on the sustainable skill one majors in.

Having majored in hair dressing, the trio was given basic start up kits for a hair dressing saloon.

These included but not limited to dressing mirrors and driers.

But they resolved to work together as Nakiwewa shares. “We could not have enough capital to buy more stock as needed, so ending up with such an initiative,”

Besides, as Twikiize says , it was easy for them to blend the skills they had attained because some may have not mastered a particular hair style and learns from a colleague.

Sharing profits

Natukunda says they agreed that it is after they get costs of production, what to plough back in the enterprises and then share the balance.“We share little just to cater for our basic needs”

She says the reason they reinvest profits is to have rapid growth of their business because they don’t want to go back in the village to do casual work.

“We all tried marriage ,but failed and went back home to engage in farming, until when Kitovu Mobile rescued us, so we don’t want to see ourselves getting back to those old miserable days,” Natukunda stresses.

Twikiize (Middle) with her other friends on their graduation.

Twikiize (Middle) with her  friends on their graduation.

Ms Twikiize, who had planned to go to Kampala and work as a maid after divorcing her spouse , echoes the same.

Health impact

The trio say they didn’t only benefit economically ,but also health wise, through the family planning awareness and HIV sensitization .

Natukunda says through stepping stone lessons, they know and vigilant against HIV risky behaviors .