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Kitovu Mobile is a Faith-Based medical and community empowerment organization under the Diocese of Masaka. The organization was started in 1987 as an outreach Program of Kitovu Hospital. It was later registered in 2013 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Registrar of Companies. It is governed by a competent Board of 9 Directors with 5 senior managers and a full time internal auditor.  Its operations cover the 10 districts of Greater Masaka.

The purpose of Kitovu Mobile is to lead the provision of innovative, mobile health services and empower marginalized communities affected by HIV/TB, Cancer and other emerging life threatening chronic illnesses. Kitovu Mobile is widely known for pioneering Home Based Care model in the earliest stages of HIV and AIDS by visiting patients within the confines of their homes, to provide care services in rural remote Lake Victoria areas of Uganda.

Using a network of passionate and creative social workers, health professionals and volunteers, Kitovu Mobile currently partners with Rakai Health Sciences Program, the Segal Family Foundation, Steven Lewis Foundation and Kindernothelfe to protect vulnerable children and build the resilience of their flailing care givers.  It also reduce youth livelihood risks to HIV for hundreds of adolescent girls and young women, improve quality of life of hundreds of people on Anti-Retroviral Therapy and prevent and relieve pain and other distressing symptoms in HIV/TB and cancer patients referred to us.

Since 1998, Kitovu Mobile has run Mobile Farm Schools for disadvantaged youth with funding from the German charity – Kindernothilfe. The Project is aimed at 1) increasing food security and household incomes among OVC and their households, and 2) increasing capacity of OVC and their household to reduce spread of HIV and AIDS, psychosocial impacts and child abuse.

To further strengthen the project leadership, management would like to recruit a full time Project Coordinator (effective as soon as possible) to manage its Mobile Farm Schools. The desired person should have at least a Bachelors Degree in agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural economics and/or any other qualification related to agricultural production experience in coordinating agricultural services to youth and should have at least 3 years of relevant work experience.

Key roles / responsibilities:

  1. Designing and implementation of project activities including the development of work plans, supervision of the Project staff, and management of Activity Teams.
  2. Assuring quality control of project activities, including supporting fielded teams, reviewing work deliverables, and providing value-added feedback.
  3. Conducting research and development research reports, technical notes and related project activities.
  4. Management of project budgets and activity resources.
  5. Maintain positive relationships with partners, beneficiaries and the beneficiary community.
  6. Supervision and management of project staff. Mentoring and development of staff.
  7. Making contributions to organizational systems and procedures development and support to the senior management.
  8. Development of project performance reports and initiating project team reflection and learning activities.
  9. Maintaining effective communication with the project funding source while exploring additional potential ideas for further funding.


This position requires experience in:

  1. Demonstrated experience in project management and knowledge of donor regulations and contract administration.
  2. Technical skills and experience in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural economics and/or any other qualification related to agricultural production, value addition and marketing. Thus an agriculture background is required.
  3. Candidate must be able to work independently and as a team member, and as well be able to meet targets in tight timelines.


Interested persons should either physically deliver their applications to the Human Resource Manager, using the above address or make an on-line application to gkasozi@kitovumobile.com by Wednesday, 11th October, 2019. For either mode of application, the application letter should be accompanied by academic papers and the relevant testimonials and a CV with three references.  Applications that lack all the requested documents are not to be taken into consideration.