Call for A Financial Sustainability Resource Mobilisation Person

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Our Ref: 170616

5th September 2019
To Whom It May Concern



Kitovu Mobile is widely known for pioneering Home Based Care Model in the earliest stages of HIV and AIDS by visiting patients within the confines of their homes, to provide care services in rural remote Lake Victoria areas of Uganda.

With over 30 years of health and social care innovation and learning, we continue to passionately protect vulnerable children and build the resilience of their flailing care givers. We reduce youth livelihood risks to HIV for hundreds of adolescent girls and young women, improve quality of life of hundreds of people on Anti-Retroviral Therapy and prevent and relieve pain and other distressing symptoms in HIV/TB and cancer patients referred to us.

Using a network of passionate and creative counselors, social workers, medical professionals, community facilitators and volunteers, Kitovu Mobile has positioned itself for scale up of economic empowerment of vulnerable youth, livelihood options for adolescent girls and young women, resilience of children caregivers and palliative care. We have also started to be more ambitious in creating community awareness on adult risk factors for Non-Communicable Diseases and improvement of early detection of cancer and provision of HPV vaccination to young girls.
Our mission is to provide innovative, mobile health services and empower marginalized community groups affected by HIV/TB, Cancer and other emerging life threatening chronic illnesses to improve their lives. Our goal is to contribute towards the reduction of vulnerability to HIV and AIDS/TB, NCDs and mitigation of their impacts on affected communities in greater Masaka.

As part of the institutional management strategic objective of the organization, Kitovu Mobile is seeking services of a competent consultancy firm/consultant to develop a strategy to guide the resource mobilization and financial sustainability for the organization for the next 5 years.

The overall purpose of the assignment is to ensure that the organization continuously secures and manages sufficient resources to fulfill its mission and achieve its goal effectively and consistently overtime.

The prospective firm / individual will:

Complete the assignment within 14 working days.

Submit the Prequalification documents to include:
An application for the assignment or expression of interest letter
A Curriculum Vitae or Company Profile in case of a firm
A Technical proposal of how the assignment is going to be accomplished
A financial proposal depicting the financial resources required to be the assignment done.

The consultancy firm/consultant should have the following desired qualification:
A team/individual with educational background in Business Administration or Finance management and related fields.
Experience working with and/or supporting development projects and programs.
Have successfully managed assignments of similar nature and complexity.
The terms of reference will be picked at the above e-mail on headed paper or at e-mail address eauma@Kitovumobile.com

Please do not hesitate to contact the chairperson Procurement Committee Kitovu Mobile- 0772654278 for any further questions in this regard.