Trainee with a mass on neck gets a sigh of relief as Kitovu Mobile pays for her surgery, parents had failed

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Trainee with a mass on neck gets a sigh of relief as Kitovu Mobile pays for her surgery,parents had failed

For two years, Brenda Nalwoga and her parents, have been in oceanic anxiety, dismay and misery after failing to raise money for her surgery for neck mass.

The 18-year-old Mobile Farm School trainee in Butenga sub-county, Bukomansimbi District, residing in Buralo A, was born with a mass which later started swelling,forcing parents to seek for medical advise. A surgery was recommended  but as  Resty Namiiro,her maternal aunt  says, they could not even raise the needed Shs 500,000.

” We could not even raise a quarter of it. We tried to beg from family members but all in vain,” She says,adding that they had since given the matter to rest. This had since kept Nalwoga on tension because the mass kept swelling. She has also been suffering from stigma as her peers would talk ill of her.

But in a few days, the primary seven dropout who joined the Mobile farm school last year ,will be having her surgery after  Kitovu Mobile offered to pay for her surgery bills amounting to over Shs 1 Million UGX.

On top of training beneficiaries in sustained modern farming, the project which is tailored to economically empower  vulnerable youths like Nalwoga, offers medical support to the trainees especially those with complicated conditions which may have serious threats on their health.

Nalwoga, (Right) pose for a photo with Ms Winnie Nabwiire,one of the Mobile Farm School project staff.

Through the project coordinators, Nalwoga applied for such medical support, a move which is fruitful as she only waits for  days to have her surgery.

“I am very happy that I am getting rid of this condition, ”a visibly excited Nalwoga notes.

One would think she is anxious but she only roofed by the joy that the condition which is bringing her stigmata is soon coming to end.

How it started

Nalwoga was born with a small mass on her neck but it never worried her mother. Namiiro says they simply thought it was the normal Adam’s apple, a feature of the human neck in form of lump­­­­­­– seen especially in males.

But when it slowly started swelling, they thought it goiter, forcing them to visit a herbalist for treatment. The herbalist she says:” Was honest enough to tell them it was goiter and told them not to waste their meager funds of treating it using herbs”

It continued swelling w which forced them to seek medical advice from Masaka Hospital where a surgery was recommended  but that they had failed to get funds until when Kitovu Mobile intervened.