Fighting Covid-19: Grannies get soap to effect hand washing,a widely recommended preventive measure.

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Grannies getting their share. Photo Credit: Moses Muwulya

By Moses Muwulya,Communication Officer

Kyotera.In its effort to reduce on the spread of Covid-19,Kitovu Mobile  has distributed soap to over 200 grandmothers on its project.

Older persons are,by and large, likely to be more affected by the infamous Covid-19 that is ravaging the globe,killing thousands of people.

This is why  Kitovu  Mobile so it essential ensure safety of grandmothers by   giving them relief. The targeted ones are the  the grandmothers on its Grandmothers,Orphans and vulnerable Children Project.

”We want to ensure that our grannies and their grandchildren under their care keep washing hands,which is one primary way of reducing the risk of getting the virus,”  Mr Justus Rugambwa,the Kitovu Mobile Chief Excutive Officer said.


A granny receives her two bars of soap.

While distributing this relief, Rechel Nakasongo,the project counselor implored grannies to wash their hands relentlessly.

Washing hands has been widely recommended as one of the ways to reduce on the risk.

But for many of these grannies, this would have been difficult as prices for such essential goods had significantly rose.


Timely intervention

While receiving her share,a visibly excited Veronica Bandelembaho said she had just run of this essential home supplies.

“I don’t know how much I can thank you for this timely intervention,” The 82 year-old told Rachel, the project counselor.

She thanked the team  for risking to move all in the name of caring for the. ‘Indeed,Kitovu Mobile Cares’.

project counse

Rachel,project counselor gives soap to one of the grannies in Kabira.