16 -year-old OVC makes a fortune from sustainable skills which Kitovu Mobile  equipped her with

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16 -year-old OVC makes a fortune from sustainable skills which Kitovu Mobile  equipped her with

Nakate,who has made good use of the skills she learnt

By Moses Muwulya,Communications Officer

Ruth Nakate is one of the orphans and vulnerable children(OVC) under the grand mothers and OVC support project.

A member of God’s will Children’s group,one of the groups in Kabira Sub county, Kyotera District.

The 16-year-old is  making fortune from the life skills equipped with project OVC.

Under the project, all OVC are given different sustainable skills. This aims at seeing them  survive  and sustainability.

Through this arrangement, the ambitious girl got bakery skills. This development has  which since turned her into an entrepreneur.

Nakate holds her frying pan and other essentials that she uses. Her business at halt over Covid-19 lockdown that saw schools closed.

She makes half cakes and sell them at school as well as supplying a few shops in her neighborhood,Kakunyu village.

This development has, and still brings her many achievements.

Among them is her ability to buy  herself scholastic materials.

“I no longer trouble my grandmother to give to give me  petty requirements like books,pens,pocket money,” Nakate shares.

Her grandmother, Pulediika Namwanje, is quick to attest to this, adding:  “Sometimes she goes ahead to buy books for her two little brothers”

Nakate with her siblings. She buys books for two of them using profits from bakery.

This, as  Namwanje happily shares, has relived her of the burden.

“My burden is now lessened the moment she started this business,” Namwanje shares.

She is indebted for Kitovu Mobile and it’s partners,the Stephen Lewis Foundation for empowering them.

The grandmother says she is  also benefiting from the grand mothers solidarity group.

She says it is even from the group that  she got start-up capital for her grandchild.

Diversifying income.

From the little profits made,Nakate  bought herself two hens.

Reared on free range,the hens have since produced and steadily increasing in numbers.

Nakate feeds her hens. She started with only two but since produced.

She also has plans to buy rabbits for her brothers.

“Was planning to buy them from the profits made during this term but it prematurely ended over the Covid-19 pandemic,” She notes.

But she says,her plan still stands because they had already built a hutch.

Hutch for rabbits already built behind the kitchen.

Multiplier effects

Nakate is now training her siblings bakery skills.

She wants them to master the skill, saying the moment she gets into other activities,  they,siblings, can take on the mantle.

Dream career.

The senior two student of Alliance high school Masaka,dreams of becoming a professional accountant.

She says her petty business is helping her practice this career.

“I know accounting is about book keeping. So,I record every coin that I spent,” She shares.