Farm school trainees get refresher training, reminded of best modern farming practices

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Farm school trainees get refresher training, reminded of best modern farming practices

Mr Mwanda

Mr Mawanda stresses points during training held at Kalungu farm school training center.


Over seventy farm school trainees in Kalungu sub county,Kalungu District, have today, Wednesday, had a one-day refresher training on modern, sustainable farming practices.

Held at the training center at VillaMaria,the trainees, who are in their final year of training, were taken through/reminded of  varied farming practices which they need to practice if they are to benefit maximally from farming.

Mr Rogers Mawanda,the Kalungu Sub county agriculturalist stressed points which the trainees had been taught by the Mobile Farm School Project agriculturalist during their three years of study.

However, it was prudent to remind them of such practices ,especially as the wet season knocks in.Mr Mawanda,who first assured trainees that they can accumulate wealth from farming, urging them not to under rate the activity, treating it as a lowly job, further discussed several farming practises,including good post harvest handling ,among others

” We have had farmers; and you know some of them, who have accumulated wealth and fame from farming. You,too,can achieve this if you stick and embrace farming as  business,” Mr Mawanda stressed

Mr Mawanda

Mr Mawanda during indoor training.

He advised trainees on cost effective farming styles so as to maximize profits, advised them to avoid buying poor  quality seeds as these don’t bring high yields.

Throughout their training, proper record keeping  and  Integrated farming, was also advised.
were emphasized.


Mr Mawanda,other prominent farmer and teacher,share with trainees the fortunes they can make from backyard vegetable farming.