Sixteen-year-old OVC gains from IGA exposed to him by Kitovu Mobile as he now relies less on organization support

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Checks on his

By Moses Muwulya, Communications Officer
After exposing them to a various income generating activities, Edward Mulema decided to settle for farming as an income generating activity. He chose to grow tomatoes and passion fruits and started small by just having backyard gardens.

However, when the sixteen-year-old OVC, who stays with his grandmother at Nalubira village, saw that the development was profiting as he could get scholastic materials, he says he was moved to increase on the scale of production to nearly an acre.

Mulema checks on his tomatoes which are nearly ready for harvest.

The garden is distant from his granny’s home but labors to go there both in the morning and evening to take care of the garden. He grows tomatoes in dry season. Although it is tiresome to irrigate, he get more him more profits as supply tends to be low compared to demand. He expects to get close to 1,000,000 ($ 28)

Irrigation time. Because he plants in dry seasons to get more profits, Muleme has to irrigate his crops weekly.

He wants to use the proceeds to help his parents and support himself, such that he doesn’t burden the organization, requesting for everything when schools are reopened.

Mulema in his small passion fruit garden.

Mulema’s story gestures typical empowerment and it is at this moment that we thank our partners, The Stephen Lewis Foundation for supporting us cause this impact among communities.

He thanks Kitovu Mobile for empowering him “I was inspired by the community and peer to peer facilitators that were brought by Kitovu Mobile. I am now unstoppable; the passion to work hard is what drives me”
His response excites the OVC supervisor, who took them through a series of financial literacy after enrolling them on the social support project.
“For an OVC who is supported by the organization, to start such income generating initiatives and commit to taking care of them, is what we wish to see among all supported OVC,” Sharon happily shares.